Power BI Adoption Assessment


If you want to check your Power BI Adoption status, just give the assessment a try.
> Get a score for the Power BI adoption in your organisation
> Get a custom report to guide you on the areas you should be focusing on based on the adoption score for the different roadmap areas
> Next steps with key actions and considerations to improve your adoption score

Link to the live report: https://app.powerbi.com/view?r=eyJrIjoiMDNiMjMxMjUtNmMyMS00MTBiLWFlMmQtNDllNDA2MDM5OWU3IiwidCI6IjE2Y2RhYzhkLThkYmMtNDE5MC1hMTNhLTE2MWY3MzNkYjE0NiJ9&pageName=ReportSectione709165c32e61b703620

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