Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate in BI Reporting

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Cloud Solutions Architect


MSc in Mechanical Engineering

Post Graduation in Data Science & Analytics

Hi! I’m Mara,

Cloud Solutions Architect. Data Visualisation  enthusiast. Part-time traveller.

My story with Power BI comes back from 2015. That was the year I first found out about it, made a bit of experimenting and it almost instantly became my favourite BI tool.

Since then my interest for Power BI only grew, I've learned more and more about it, tricks, workarounds, you name it! 

The idea for this blog came out of one of my Power BI work challenges. While I was building  my solution I kept thinking "Why can't I share this knowledge with others?". And here I am today, writing my bio to the world.

About me when I'm not building reports....

I love to travel. Exploring new cultures and places is extremely gratifying for me. I've been in 32 countries already, and planning to reach 40 soon! I also like baking, but I'm not really good at it.