My name is Mara and I'm the Founder and Data Analytics Lead at Data Pears. My Data Pears journey started back in September 2020, when I posted my very first article (which you can still read in the "Blog" section!).

At first, Data Pears was just a blog I created to post articles about Power BI hidden gems I found while working on my reports, mainly because I wanted to share this knowledge with the rest of the community in an easy and reusable way.

Data Pears kept growing in it's popularity, however, I was working full time and I didn't have enough time to dedicate to my blog and all the requests and queries I was getting. So I decided to give up on my dream job as a Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft and dedicate myself to this new project.

My mission now is to help organisations and individuals make the most out of their data. I'm talking about more than just building reports, I'm talking about creating good Data Experiences.

During the past 6 years, I realized there are a lot of people out there that can build  reports, but most of them struggle to actually make a report that shows the right insights, they struggle to understand their users, the problem they are trying to solve, and the importance of good UX and design. They end up with reports that are confusing, that don't look very professional, that don't answer users questions.

The problem with this is obvious: why would I believe you spent enough time making sure your backend is good when your frontend isn't?

This is why Data Pears is all about Data Experiences. A good Data Experience will ensure your users have access to the best data model (backend) but also the best UX (frontend).