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Power BI is possibly the most exciting BI tool in the market right now. 

Over the past 6 years, I've guided many organisations, from small to enterprise, to develop and modernize their BI applications. 

Today, data is everywhere, but unfortunately, a lot of organisations are still struggling to make the most out of it and to find the right resources to help them. Data is one of your most important assets, and it should be treated as such.

Having the correct reporting systems in place with the right insights could save you and your team hours, hours that could be used helping the business in other critical tasks. Poor business decisions happen all the time, but they happen specially when you don't have the right insights.

That's why it's so important to think and plan for things like Cloud Adoption, correct environment setup, super user/end user training and report development frameworks and best practices. 

The services I offer are tailored to help you on every step of your Power BI journey.

Power BI Consulting 


Next level reporting solutions:
Welcome to data experiences!

Unblock your Power BI journey today!

There are a lot of consulting companies and independent Power BI consultants out there, the question is, can they build a report that has the insights you need but also has an amazing UX and design?

I've been working in this field for quite some time, and the truth is, it's rare to find a consultant that actually takes the time to understand how to bring the best UX experience to your reports.

But worry not, I've had years to master the art of combining insights with beautiful UX/design experiences, or in other words, I became a master of data experiences! I will also make sure your report conforms to best practices, both in terms of data modelling and design. 

Have you checked my Power BI Adoption Roadmap Assessment?
" I have spent a few happy hours going through the Power BI Adoption Roadmap and was thinking how I could show it in a more presentation/discussion fashion with my teams. Imagine my delight when I came across this!
There are some roadmap areas I would like to explore more, as for us, some elements from 300/400 are satisfied but not all of them. This model is an excellent (and accessible) opener to those conversations. Thank you! " 
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Lisa Fox, Associate Director of Information Services on the Power BI Adoption Roadmap Assessment

Services offered:

  • Report Development (MVP, Proof of concept)

  • Report Performance Assessment

  • Report Design & UX

  • Power BI Architecture

  • Power BI Centre of Excellence

  • Power BI Adoption Roadmap Assessment

  • Self Service BI

  • Governance & Security

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Power BI Training

Get the skills of the future
Become a Power BI Pro

The demand for tech skills, including Power BI, is raising fast, and it's not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon! It's important to have the right people with the right skills in your team if you want to make the most out of your data and stay ahead of the curve. My trainings will make sure your team has the right skills, either they are developers or end users.

Why should you choose one of my trainings?
  • Exclusive content (not the typical Dashboard in a Day training!)

  • Delivered by a Microsoft Certified Trainer and ex-Microsoft Cloud Solutions Architect

  • Don't just learn Power BI, have fun while doing it!

Check my "Data storytelling with Power BI" webinar now!

Learn how to take your reports to the next level and create amazing data experiences on this free 30min webinar.

Trainings available:

Can't see the training you were looking for? Get in touch with me and I will work with you on a custom training that will deliver the value your business needs!

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Power BI Doctor

Power BI consulting by the hour
Get an expert without the wait!

Getting help from a  Power BI expert is a great way to get that project that you've been working on up and running fast.

However,  getting the expert help you need often involves scoping, planning and loads of back and forward email chains.

This can be frustrating, specially when all you want is just to clarify some questions or some expert guidance on a particular issue.

What if you could have access to an expert without all the wait and complexity associated with consulting?

I'm now offering consultancy by the hour!

Just book a slot, I'll get back to you to confirm the topics you want to discuss and to make sure I offer you the right help.

And that's it! No red tape, no small print! 

Access to a Power BI expert has never been so easy!


"Outstanding delivery. Mara took the time to really understand my problem and quickly pointed out the errors in my way. She was patient and explained in great detail how best to go about making my project work. Would recommend and will definitely be using Data Pears services again."

Justin, Ireland

"Mara's guidance on troubleshooting a particularly difficult to resolve issue was exactly what I needed to progress with a longstanding issue in my Power BI environment. Finding someone with Mara's expertise in Power BI, and connections with the community was a great surprise. Thanks Mara!"

Andrew, New Zealand

"Mara is extremely knowledgeable in Power BI and great at mentoring. Very passionate in making sure you understand everything, how it works, and why it works the way it does."

Abraham, Israel

"We had a very specific problem with Power BI connectivity to a CRM. We needed expert support and Mara was very quick to understand and advise us.  We will absolutely be speaking again in the future - Thanks Mara !!"

Matt, UK

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