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Power BI Training 

The demand for tech skills, including Power BI, is raising fast, and it's not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon! It's important to have the right people with the right skills in your team if you want to make the most out of your data and stay ahead of the curve.

My trainings will make sure your team has the right skills, either they are developers or end users, I have trainings that will fit your needs.

Why should you choose one of my trainings?
  • Exclusive content (not the typical Dashboard in a Day training!)

  • Delivered by a Microsoft Certified Trainer and ex-Microsoft Cloud Solutions Architect

  • Don't just learn Power BI, have fun while doing it!


Get the skills of the future
Become a Power BI Pro

Online and onsite trainings


Report Design & UX

Report Development 101

This training is aimed at users with little (<6 months) or no prior experience with Power BI.


During these 2 intense days, users will have the chance to learn the complete Power BI development lifecycle.

This training is not the "Dashboard in a Day" training usually offered by most companies, this is a bespoke and personalised training created based on our own Report Development Lifecycle process (check our blog posts here for more info).

Training content:

  • Analyse data and build your data model

          - Requirements gathering​

          - Connect & transform data

          - Build your data model

          - DAX measures

  • Report design

          - Branding​

          - Layout

          - Advanced visualisation features

  • Prepare to share your report

          - Row level security​

          - Q&A

          - Power BI Service

  • Share your report

          - Data gateways​

          - Data refresh

          - Sharing & Collaboration

Type: Instructor Led (Microsoft Certified)
Level: Basic
Duration: 2 days
Location: Online or Onsite

Type: Instructor Led (Microsoft Certified)
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 4h
Location: Online or Onsite

This workshop is aimed at users that already have experience working with Power BI (recommended: 1+ years of experience). If you want to take your reports to the next level and wow your users, this is the workshop you're looking for!

During this workshop, you will learn in depth how you should design your report, learn tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your insights, including advanced visualisation features like personalised tooltips, bookmarks etc.


Training content:

  • Business Analysis

          - Define your purpose

          - Know your audience

          - Know your data

  • Requirements gathering

          - Business requirements

          - Design requirements

  • Branding guidelines

  • Information Architecture

  • Visual design

  • Layouts

  • Interaction design, usability & user journey

  • Data visualisation (chart selection and formatting)

  • Tuning advanced features

Report Performance Optimisation

Type: Instructor Led (Microsoft Certified)
Level: Advanced
Duration: 3 days
Location: Online or Onsite

The Report Performance Optimisation Workshop objective is to help you resolve report performance bottlenecks. If you're experiencing slow running reports or slow data refreshes, this workshop is for you. 

The workshop will be divided in 3 parts: 

1st Day - Power BI Performance best practices training.

2nd Day - Report performance analysis for the given use case* .

3rd Day - Discussion of key findings and how to implement the identified optimisations in your report.

Workshop content:

  • Performance best practices training

          - Data modelling best practices

          - Data visualisation best practices

          - Identifying dataset refresh bottlenecks

          - Identifying slow running reports bottlenecks

  • Report performance analysis

          - For the given use case, identify main performance            bottlenecks

  • Key findings discussion

          - Discussion around the list of optimisation                          opportunities and corresponding implementation​                plan

Note: Even though this workshop has a 3 day delivery, you can choose to have just one of the modules:

- Power BI Performance Best Practices Training


- Report Performance Analysis Workshop


* Customer can choose one report to do a performance analysis. Analysing more than one use case (report) can be discussed but this will be outside of the scope of this workshop.

Working with Financial Documents