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From boring to brilliant: create incredible Power BI reports

Create showstopping reports that will wow your audience!

No more boring and ineffective reports! 

I will teach you how to create Power BI reports that not only have a great design, but are effective at answering the right business questions.

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Gain confidence using data visualization built-in tools and techniques in Power BI

Build effective and beautiful reports faster than ever

Become more marketable for a new job or a promotion

Mara (aka Data Pears):
Chief Power BI Officer

Hey there! Meet Mara, the mastermind behind Data Pears.

She's been helping Power BI Developers transform their boring and poorly designed reports into incredible solutions that revolutionize the way businesses generate insights.


With Mara's guidance, you won't need years of practice or a creative bone in your body to become a Power BI expert. You'll finally be able to create reporting solutions that not only look good, but tell a story effectively and are user-friendly too!


Say goodbye to being overlooked and hello to wowing your colleagues, manager, and even recruiters!

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What others have to say...

"I genuinely think Mara is an amazing teacher, I have never been so engaged in a Power BI session! Best speaker I've seen in a while! Totally influenced and learnt tons! I was sat there like "omg, this is something I can do AND actually enjoy". Mara is an influencer as I have been INFLUENCED to stick with Power BI as I wasn't sure it was right for me originally. Thank you x1000"

Annabel, UK

"Mara is extremely knowledgeable in Power BI and great at mentoring. Very passionate in making sure you understand everything, how it works, and why it works the way it does."

Abraham, Israel

"The reporting solution Mara developed definitely met our expectations. When we showcased the final product to our sales team they asked "Is this a real product or a design concept image??". They were really impressed! She really thinks about all the details and her reporting solutions look amazing! "

Helen, Germany

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