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University Application Simulator


This report was built as a simulator for university applications in Portugal. When you apply to an university in Portugal, your application will be assessed by the exams you took in high school (maths, physics, geography, economics...).
This report will do a What If Analysis based on your entry score, and will tell you in which Universities and Courses you can probably get in based on last years score.
You can filter your choices by university, degree, city, area of study and so on. It also has a more detailed page for courses, which has the statistics about the students in that course (gender, how many years on average they take to finish the course, age, how they got into that course - 1st option, 2nd option...), employment rates, what exams you will need to apply to that specific course, average wages...
To get all of this information I used a mix of Web Scrapping and Excel Files.

Key Words:
> What If Analysis
> Web Scrapping
> Data Storytelling

Link to live report:

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