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Automate your business processes – Send reminders on Teams and by email with Power Automate

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

This post will be a very simple one, but that can help you get rid of some of those tedious tasks that we all at some point had to do: send reminder emails to users about a specific task, project, business process, etc…

This is all about automating your work as much as possible. You should always think: if I’m doing the same thing periodically, there is a way to automate it!

And that’s where Power Automate comes into action!

I will show you different ways to send reminders to users with a bot message on Microsoft Teams and also by email.

key words: Power BI, Power Automate, Microsoft Teams, Outlook

This is how a Flow to send a reminder at the last day of each month looks like:

1) Open Power Automate and click on Create and Scheduled Flow:

2) Give your Flow a name and set it up to run every day. After that click on Create:

3) Add a Control step to your Flow of the type Condition:

4) On the condition fields add the following formulas: