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Connect to Yahoo Finance - building a stock market tracker

Updated: 2 days ago

Are you interested in finance? Investing? Stock Market? Just want some finance data to play with? Want to build you fancy investments tracker? Do you want the latest stock market data and you don't know where to get it?

Well... I might have a solution for you! Check this out...

If you're into finance and stocks, you probably heard about Yahoo Finance. It has all the data of stock markets. The question is... how do you get it?

It's not as complicated as you probably think it is...

1) Go to the company you want to get the stock market data from.

In my example I will use Netflix:

2) You can see already that there is a way to export the stocks data in the Historical Data tab.

After jumping to the Historical Data tab we need to make a few selections...

First you need to select the Time Period you want. I selected the max time period to get all the stocks available from Netflix. I kept the default options for the data to Show (Historical Prices) and for the Frequency (Daily)

After the selections are done your URL is ready to be used in Power BI! You just need to right click on the Download Button and then Copy link address:

3) You will now connect to Yahoo Finance data in Power BI. To do this open Power BI Desktop and select Get Data from Web.