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Multi Row Card Reinvented

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

The other day I had a small challenge to solve. I wanted something that looked like a Multi Row Card but... with conditional formatting applied in the bars, and I also wanted to select any row to filter my other visuals in that report. In summary I wanted the multi row card combined with a table. To get to this solution though, you have to use a bit of imagination. I got a tip from one of my work colleagues that did something similar, so I adapted it into what I now call "The Multi Row Card Reinvented".

Are you curious? Let's see how you can do this trick.

The summary:

1) Create a table visual and add the fields you want to see in your list.

2) For the filter bar I used a custom visual called Text Filter. You need to get this visual from the AppSource because it will not show up on your Visuals pane by default. Just search for the Text Filter visual and click on Add.

3) Now we get to the trick: To get the look and feel of a Multi Row Card I added a new column to my table, with a simple measure (I don't really want to see any numbers in that column).

The measure I used:

_multi row card bar column = "|"

Yep, I know, as simple as that! You just need to add the measure to your table now.

4) Now we need to format our table to make it look more like a Multi Row Card. My main trick for it was applying conditional formatting to both text and background in the column containing the "multi row card bar".

5) To finish your new and awesome almost custom visual you just need to format the column headers, backgrounds etc.

Check out the video with all the steps!!



The .pbix file used in this post is available for download on my GitHub account:

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