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Where to find sample data online

Updated: 2 days ago

Have you ever struggled to find sample data to play with in Power BI?

Did you spend hours (sounds crazy, but it happened to me too!) just looking for a dataset with insurance data? Healthcare data? Housing prices data?

Did you ever wonder "where are people finding the data to create those Netflix and Amazon reports that seem to be everywhere these days? Seriously, tell me your secret!"?

Well, let me tell you, it's not that hard to find that data after all!

I want to save you the trouble to get lost online, so I'm sharing with you my top 3 websites that I use to get data for my sample reports, trainings etc.

And the websites are... *drum roll*

1st - Data.World

2nd - Kaggle

3rd - Mockaroo

Now, to the details. Let's check what each of these websites has to offer you!

1st - Data.World

Link to

This one is my all time favorite!

It has thousands of free datasets (yes, free!) that you can easily download to CSV, or even use a Shared URL to use the data in R or Python. Pretty awesome isn't it?

To use Data.World, you just go to their web page and search the keywords for the dataset you're trying to find, something like "sales", "insurance", "google analytics", "education".

They also have licensing packages that I never explored as I can usually find everything I need in the free version.

Just a remark as you have to sign up to be able to download the files.